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About Us & Guidelines

:bulletblue: Wordspill: An exercise in motivation :bulletblue:

Wordspill is a group designed to offer motivation for any level of writer who wants to get words on a page. If you're stuck in a writer's block or just need something to get you going, Wordspill's prompts are here to help!

:bulletblue: Wordspills and Scrubups: :bulletblue:

A lot of the difficulty in moving words from the mind to the page is in overcoming the self-editor within. If you've ever started a story without being 100% sure of where it's ending up, or even where the middle will be, you'll know what we mean. It's often the case that you might think an idea is too outrageous, or a character too wooden, or a scenario too implausible, and you'll scrap it without fulling exploring the possibilities. Our aim is to flick off that little horned self-editor that sits on your shoulders and let you unleash whatever ideas you might have. How are we going to do that? Well, step one is 'wordspills'.

:bulletred: Spill it! :bulletred:

Wordspills is the name we've given to act of writing without knowing what exactly what you're writing. How do you do that? Simple!

Step 1: Make sure that your environment is clam and undisturbed; play music that will help you to concentrate, and seat yourself in a room where you can write freely without distraction.

Step 2: Open up what ever programme it is you use to write: Word, Notepad, etc.

Step 3: Change your font colour to whatever the background colour is (by default, this is usually white).

Step 4: Following the monthly prompt in whatever way you see fit, write uninhibited for 10 minutes in a font colour invisible to you (i.e. white). Try your hardest not to change the colour to black until your 10 minutes are up!

Step 5: Relax :)

Anything from here on in is optional. The purpose of Wordspill is not to help you to create a masterpiece, but rather to motivate writers to write. Just getting the words down can be difficult!

:bulletred: Scrub it! :bulletred:

Step 6: Time for the scrub up! Change the font back to a colour that you can read by, and copypaste the original text into a space below what you just wrote. Go carefully over your piece and change anything that you feel needs changing- maybe add some, lose some; beef up your characters, add some description, fix grammar, change sentence structures, whatever you feel needs doing!. Scrub it up as clean as you feel is necessary. It's likely that sentences you would have scrapped if you'd been writing in clear black font will look better to you with a near-finished piece. If this true, gloat a little!

Step 7: Once you've scrubbed up your piece, chuck both the wordspill and, if you've done it, the resulting scrub-up into a deviation and upload it. Note Wordspill with your piece and we'll add it to our list to be featured in a news article every fortnight.

Please remember that steps 6 & 7 are optional; you can send in your piece completed piece without doing either of these steps.

:bulletblue: Submit it! :bulletblue:

Step 8: Go to the gallery folder of this month's spill, and click the plus sign to submit your selected work. Pieces in the wrong gallery will either go unnoticed or, if noticed, snarled at and deleted. Pieces that do an especially good job of scrubbing up will receive honourable mentions, garnering you fame, hot men/women, and loads of cash. Well, perhaps not any of those things, but how does the chance to pick one of the upcoming themes grab you? Sold? Excellent.

:bulletyellow: REMEMBER! :bulletyellow:

There are no prizes for having the 'best' piece. This is to motivate you and get those ideas out on a page. If you end up with something great, then so much the better!

Please include the name of the prompt and our icon/name in your artist's comments prior to submitting; this will make things much easier. :)


Weekly Stats

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:relax: Ahh, it's time to relax! :relax:

Man, you guys are really relaxing to read, I must say. Although perhaps you need a holiday yourselves, what with all the non-relaxing events happening in your stories. :P

Once more with feeling, it's time to have a look at the stories and give you some news regarding the next prompt!

'A Day for Grieving' by AngelOfBrokenHearts

A new character appears in AngelOfBrokenHearts ongoing angels story, and Jay reveals an important secret to her. Oooh!

Just think of it as being on holiday,” Katesaid. “Of course”Grantwed, it’ll bee it’d be a working holidfay, but still.”
“isn’t that my line, lass?” Aidan smiled back at her, but he still sounded worried.
“What,  I can’t say ‘holiday’ because I’m American? You, sir, are being …nationality-ist.”
“And now you’re jus’ makin’ up words, love. Why do ye want me to do this tour so badly?”
“because I know you want to do it.  Besides, you can’t let the rest of the band have all the fun.”
“Well, an’ I suppose you’re right. But what about you?  You’ll be lonesome.”
“I’ll manage, It’ll only be for a little while, and  I can come out for one or two stops to tide us both over”
“Sure and that sounds like a fine planI suppose it’ll work. “

'Working Holiday-WORDSPILL' by TheBrokenBride

TheBrokenBride gives us characters whose very line of work is somewhat like a holiday in the form of a vampiric band touring the nation!

Wordspill: HolidayHoliday

His heart was still pounding from the altercation he had that morning. He hated confrontation. But he had to do do his best to get the holiday lsot. Not susually a problem
It wasn’t usually a problem. No one wanted to work on the holiday but the new guy seemed desperate for extra hours. It was annoying. He’d pressured him for a good ten minutes until he’d had to give in. He didn’t wat to make a scene.
All day he brooded over the lost work. It wasn’t the pay for him. The overtime was nothing to him, but the access, the being at the crematorium was supremely important. It was his routine his schedule. His hold on sanity, if truth be told.
It was also his hunger slaking, but he would never express that truth, even to himself.
Now what was he to do? The holiday was a full week. An entire week lost. Separated  and adrift. What was he to do? What did other people spend their holidays doing, anyway?
He would seek solace where he could:

'Wordspill: Holiday' by FamiliarOddlings

More wendigo insights from FamiliarOddlings, with a scene that reveals the protagonist's reliance on routine to curb his impulses. Will this lead to a confrontation?

A short break (and some hints!)

It was a prompt, but it was also a clue as to what was coming up for Wordspill-Central. We're going on a short hiatus! As you might already know, we're run by a very small crew, and that crew is heading to Spain for a long-lusted-over holiday. But never fear! We want you to try and take over the group in your own way. To help with that, here's a list of contributors to the group so far since the restart:


What we want you to do is to feel free to note each other with your own prompts! Think of them as mini-wordspills until we get back. And if you like what you read, why not feature them in your journals? We reckon the best thing about Wordspill is the tight community we've been building up, and this is a great way to get even more from each other. You could even consider them as commissions! We'll be back after three weeks in sunny Espaņa, so until then good luck and happy spilling!

--The Wordspill Team
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